Coast to Coast Rent-A-Car 2018

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Holiday Pricing

Have you ever wondered why most rental car companies cannot give you a price until they get the dates for your trip? The reason is they RAISE the price on you during busy times, such as this Thanksgiving holiday week (other examples include Spring Break, 3-day weekends, vacation season, etc.). They are going to do this to you all the way through New Year’s Day, so get ready to pay more if you use any of the national car rental chains. They blame supply and demand, but the truth is they do it because they can. The airline industry has been doing it for years, and the average car rental company just follows suit.

So how is Coast to Coast Rent-A-Car different? Easy! Our rental rates are fixed – that’s how you can see the daily rate on each of our vehicles for rent on our website – no matter the date, our everyday low price is the same. And our prices are all-inclusive – meaning we’re not going to raise your price by adding on rental fees that all our competitors burden you with. We shop our competitors quite often to make sure our prices stay competitive, but we also have the flexibility to make corrections if the need arises. So if you find a lower total price for your rental car needs, let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to either match the price with a better vehicle, or beat the price outright!